Friday, June 29, 2012

Send Us Your Tips

Thanks for the news tips to those who have been writing ! We'll reply to your questions as soon as we get answers. There have been some rather strange stories, and we have been looking into them. You can leave an anonymous tip at the bottom of the page in the comments section. It will not be published.

CMPD has a crime map. Take a look at the University area.

Are there sex offenders living in the university area? This link is provided for information purposes and the information is not to be used for criminal purposes such as harassment. Check AGREE and proceed to the page that follows. Enter the University’s street address and the zip code [   9201 University City Boulevard 28223  ] and find out. This link is repeatedly broken by "WE DON'T KNOW WHO", so here's the url. Copy and paste it into your browser to access the link:   You have a right to know, but it seems that someone else thinks otherwise.

How to see the Campus daily crime log: A copy is available for inspection during routine business hours in Suite 152 of the Facilities Management and Police & Public Safety Building. It is no longer published online. Strange. There were 32 rapes on campus in 2014, but they weren't reported publicly in the Clery Report until October, 2015. UNCC has a serious transparency problem. DON'T ALLOW  YOURSELF TO BE A VICTIM.

Obtain UNCC Crime Alerts  .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

FLASH! UNCC is NOT one of the top five party schools in North Carolina! Duh...

Another car jacking in University City! How can ya party if ya ain't got wheels?

Another Craigslist car scam.

What’s behind the increase in Charlotte murders this year? Dr. Paul Friday speaks out.

If you have news that you'd like to share, email me here

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More on Murder at UNCC

Jury finds man guilty of murdering UNCC student

They caught the guys who killed Irina Yarmolenko, a foreign student. 

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Even criminals take a holiday.

In light of the spate of violent crime on the UNCC campus, one might consider this to be in pretty bad taste. Or is it special training for those donut eatin' campus flat foots?

A robbery outside Oak Hall dormitory.

And another one outside University Terrace.

Friday, June 15, 2012

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Ghetto Crime

Despite the millions of dollars spent on capital improvements at the university of North Carolina at Charlotte during the last fifteen or so years, crime flourishes in and around the University of North Carolina campus. SWAT teams make for good public relations for sure, but what the campus needs is to get the donut eatin' campus cops out on patrol ON FOOT at night. Put them on  low-tech bicycles to traverse the walkways.

Recent reports tell us that the numbers of crimes committed in and around the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus are fewer this year than last year, and still fewer than years in the past. Yay.

The truth is that the University of North Carolina at Charlotte needs to address the fact that with expansion in enrollment comes greater opportunity for criminals to prey on students. This opportunity calls for greater protection on the part of University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus police.

As promised, following are UNCC (aka University of North Carolina at Charlotte) crime reports. More will follow.

Students were hit with a taser.

This guy needed some bling really bad.

Area bank robbery.

Sorority house robbery.

Where are the cops when you need them?

I've NEVER seen a campus cop on the parking deck at night.

A robbery near a sorority house..

We have been sent a few interesting questions, some of which we really can't answer but we'll address at a later date. Leave your comments below. 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bong Hits for Higher Learning

UNCC had a student-led, extracurricular correspondence course for higher learning but it was shut down.  This link is continually broken. If it doesn't work, paste this into your browser:

We remember getting an email about a seminar on hacking a few years ago. The idea was... oh, never mind. Make up your own mind about this one. It makes you wonder what they were thinking, or if anyone was thinking at all.

Uncivil Liberties: Is your roommate spying on you? 

Another break-in story near campus.

More on lax computer security at UNCC. It's the story that won't go away.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UNCC SWAT Team and More!

We've been trying to catch up on the news to bring you the latest. Unfortunately, a lot has happened during the last year, so it will take awhile for me to get up to speed. For those who who are considering attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and are a little worried about crime on and around the campus, the following tidbit may interest you.

We have a SWAT team!

What campus would be complete with out even more scary-looking guys with pointed ears and no neck walking around?

Unfortunately, They won't be near when you need to cross the street at University Boulevard.

Charlotte Among Nation's Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians 

Remember: Guns don't kill people. Nuts with guns kill people! 


And More!  

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Friday, June 8, 2012

For Those Who Are Considering Attending UNCC

NOTE to EU Viewers: Google uses cookies to track your internet use.
Thinking of Attending UNCC, University of North Carolina at Charlotte?               

Hi! I'm Jay Jones,  Head Moderator.

When you read through this blog, you will not find wonderful things said about the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. There's no gushing testimony of the absolute awesomeness of its faculty, or the success of its graduates. These are all very subjective and things which the university itself has the staff and resources to tell you. Just Google "Welcome to UNCC" and you'll see four entire pages of Google welcomes from various departments and clubs that will promise you all sorts of unverifiable delights. 

What you will read in this blog, however, is that UNCC is located in a bad neighborhood. The area adjacent to the UNCC campus averages OVER fifty crimes per week, all within walking distance. Since March of 2012, there were five reported rapes/sexual assaults on campus, four of which occurred in women's dormitories. The other occurred in a women's bathroom in a very large and well-traveled class building. The perpetrator escaped.

In February 2014 (after the latest rape in a dormitory), UNCC stopped publishing the Clery Reports online. To see the daily reports one must call the Campus Police at 704-687-8300. (See the website here).  If one wants to remain informed of campus crime, one must either wait until the UNCC campus police department sends out a text warning (sent only under extreme cases), go to campus police and ASK for a printout of reports, or wait until the end of the year when the yearly report is published. 20014's yearly report was published October 2015. What does that tell you?). The fact that UNCC stopped publishing its daily security reports online points to the possibility that UNCC is greatly concerned about its on-campus safety reputation.This doesn't help students to evaluate the safety of the campus before enrolling, does it?

Another thing: the parking situation is miserable. One student compared buying a UNCC campus parking permit to buying a lottery ticket. You may spend more time looking for a parking place than you will spend in class.

Online discussions about UNCC occur frequently. Some can be found on College Confidential , Students Review, and City Data. The weirdest discussion we've seen about UNCC on City Data can be found here. Form your own conclusions.

This website has been accused of bias because we publish news reports that reflect poorly upon UNCC, the things one will not find published by UNCC on any of its own websites. UNCC has its own PR apparatus and the wherewithal to keep you informed of student programs and organizations and the supposedly many wonderful things to do on-campus. This website is a news aggregator, and little more. We report what the administration won't tell its own students.

Foreign students: we highly recommend that you spend the time reading through this blog before you enroll in UNCC.

Jay Jones,

Head Moderator

PS We invoke absolute First Amendment rights in the publication of these links. If you disagree, keep your shorts on.



From Students Review  

A= the best, B= good but not the best, C= Average, D= Below Average, F= Failure

Overall Grade: C

Overall Grade: C(4.7)

Out of 203 Surveys

5.5, C+
4.6, C
5.4, C+
5.9, B-
6.7, B

Find Out Where Your Student Fees Go. Make Sure You Are Sitting Down First.

62% of those who attended University of North Carolina at Charlotte would choose NOT to return to the school.

UNC Board of Governors: The System Has Problems 

Better Than Reefer Madness...

Another UNCC Transsexual Commits Suicide.

Is an Egotistical Professor Destroying Your Hard-Earned GPA?

In their own words: Do UNCC Students Feel Safe Living on Campus? Find Out.

Do You Like to Fire Guns? UNCC Firearms Community is on facebook.

And a Little About Crime in and Around UNCC: At one time, the numbers of crime in University City decreased in the summer. This summer (2014), the number of crimes committed within walking distance of the campus are holding steady at about fifty crimes per week. It is safe to  assume that UNCC University City now has a permanent resident criminal population. Learn about the Hidden Valley Kings

2014 Campus Crime report: THIRTY-TWO CAMPUS RAPES (Read more here).

2013 UNCC Campus Crime (Clery) Report 

UNCC University's dirty little secret: Crime is Just a Short Walk Away in Hidden Valley! Meet the Notorious Hidden Valley Kings Gang.

Sexual Assault in UNCC University City Apartment  (

4/27/15 Homicide Investigation in University City

Creep Caught Lurking in Parking Deck, The Circle Apartments

UNCC University City GhettoCrime January, 2015

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime 11/18/14 to 12/17/14

UNCC University City Crime 2-7-15 to 2-25-15

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime: Seven Days 10/8/14   ,  10/9/14 , 10/10/14 , 10/11/14 , 10/11/14     10/13/14 , 10/14/1410/15/14

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime: THREE days in July 7-16-2014 to 7-18-2014

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Week of 6-23-14 to 6-23-14

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime  6-9-14  to 6-17-14

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime 6-2-14 to 6-9-14

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime 5-26-14 to 6-2-14

Gun Battle in UNCC University City Ghetto  5-26-14  

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map for the Week of 4/6/14 to 4/14/14

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map for the Week of 4/15/14 to 4/21/14;postID=5732558456602964726 

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map for Week of: 3-29-14 to 4-05-14

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map for Week of 3/22/14 to 3/29/14

UNCC University  City Ghetto Crime Map for Week of 3-15-14 to 3-28-14  

UNCC University  City Ghetto Crime Map for Week of 3-7-14 to 3-15-14 

UNCC University City Ghetto  Crime Map 2/22/14 to 3/1/14

UNCC University City Ghetto  Map  Last week of November 2013

UNCC University City Ghetto  Map for October 2013

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map South Campus Area for September 2013 (scroll down below the map to see the crime descriptions)

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map North  Area  8-20-13 to 9-29-2013

                                                                                                                                     Bored?      Go to Next Page 

Sexual Assault in Busy Classroom Building

Rape on campus (in 2012: 5) (in 2013: 6 reported)   (in 2014 : 1 reported so far)

Suicides/Attempted Suicides (2012-2013 School Year): 3  

Falls from dormitory window 2014: 1

Still more :

Attacked while jogging:

Double Murder

Another Shooting

If you think your information at University of North Carolina at Charlotte is confidential, think again.

 UNCC's IT department is sloppy.

This is the school's idea of supporting multiculturalism:

You may want to take a look at this page.

Armed Robbery On Campus AGAIN!

Rent-by-the-Room Off Campus:  Share an Apartment with a Drug Dealer


11-10-13      UNCC and Police See Need for Safer Student Housing

11-8-13     Download a Mobile App to Track Sex Offenders

3-25-14 Sex Offenders Within Three Miles of UNCC Campus  
( )

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime Map for 10-16-13 to 10-26-13

UNCC University City Crime Map for Week of 3-7-14 to 3-15-14  
( )

10-29-13 UNCC Students Warned

10-23-2013 Major Drug Bust of N. Tryon Thugs 

Find more interesting news at this link.

Thinking of living off-campus? Take a look at the crime e map for 9-13-13 to 9-26-13. Fifty REPORTED crimes. 

One Dead. Four Students Charged with Hazing

Swept Under the Rug:UNCC Transgender Student Committed Suicide  
(   )

Ripoff Report: UNCC Will Lie to You

Clery Act Campus Security Report 2012 (2013 Year-end Report not Available. Daily and monthly reports are no longer published online. What does that tell you?

UNCC Campus Life After Classes: Nothing to Do! (A video produced by UNCC Foreign Students).

2015: Where Your Student Fees REALLY Go

Nominated for the UNCC FaceBook Confessions Hall of Fame                                                                                                                  Go to Next Page 

If any link is broken, please report it . Thanks!

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