Friday, June 15, 2012

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Ghetto Crime

Despite the millions of dollars spent on capital improvements at the university of North Carolina at Charlotte during the last fifteen or so years, crime flourishes in and around the University of North Carolina campus. SWAT teams make for good public relations for sure, but what the campus needs is to get the donut eatin' campus cops out on patrol ON FOOT at night. Put them on  low-tech bicycles to traverse the walkways.

Recent reports tell us that the numbers of crimes committed in and around the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus are fewer this year than last year, and still fewer than years in the past. Yay.

The truth is that the University of North Carolina at Charlotte needs to address the fact that with expansion in enrollment comes greater opportunity for criminals to prey on students. This opportunity calls for greater protection on the part of University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus police.

As promised, following are UNCC (aka University of North Carolina at Charlotte) crime reports. More will follow.

Students were hit with a taser.

This guy needed some bling really bad.

Area bank robbery.

Sorority house robbery.

Where are the cops when you need them?

I've NEVER seen a campus cop on the parking deck at night.

A robbery near a sorority house..

We have been sent a few interesting questions, some of which we really can't answer but we'll address at a later date. Leave your comments below. 

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At December 21, 2012 at 2:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. The parking areas at UNCC are scary. Travelling in groups doesn't decrease the odds that you'll be held up. One creap with a gun can hold up five or six people and escape into the darkness.

At April 15, 2015 at 5:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much danger!


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