Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello! I'm Jayne Jones!

Welcome Everyone!

Hi! I will be filling in for Jay for awhile. I promise to bring you useful news about UNCC as Jay has done so far. The blog will go on as usual. I am an official guest so far.
I want for those who read this blog to realize that everything is taken straight from news sources and from official UNCC sources. Anything that we believe to be rumor will be identified as such. We will report on rumors as they emerge provided that they are widespread or obtained from a reliable source. We ask your help in confirming and/or debunking them.We encourage our readers to continue to respond to the news and to keep us abreast of things. The more you do to help us, the greater good we can do for you and for others who follow.

I'll have more good stuff by tomorrow.


Jayne Jones ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->


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