Thursday, October 25, 2012

Editorial: Welcome and Thank You!

Jay, Jan (our other partner), and  I (Jayne) want to thank everyone for reading our UNCC blog, especially our foreign readers in Australia, England, Ireland, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Venezuela, Japan, South Korea,  Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, and Denmark (listed in order of  frequency of page views). With our foreign friends' and our domestic friends' help, we expect to reach the 6,000 page view mark by December. Each month, the page views increase dramatically. (There are actually two other identical, mirror blogs on two separate servers in another country, hence the large audience).

We have also drawn the attention of people who are, apparently, University of North Carolina at Charlotte administrators and rabid Forty-Niner fans and students. Their anger is understandable. We aggregate mostly bad news about UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), but it comes from reliable and reputable public sources. (Screaming Reviews may not be totally reliable or reputable, but we respect the opinion of everyone, though we may not publish everyone's opinion. We have no obligation to link to any source other than the ones we choose).

Why do we link to less-than-rosy news stories about UNCC and websites that cast a dim light on the university and its immediate surroundings? We want everyone who attends UNCC and those considering attending UNCC to be informed. Through the years, UNCC and the University City area community have lost very special people to murder. Many others became victims of other violent crimes and non-violent crimes. This must stop. For some bizarre reason, some people believe that campus-resident University of North Carolina (UNCC) students remain on-campus 24/7 and that the murder or maiming of a UNCC student several miles from campus is not a UNCC or University City concern. It should be. Some consider a car break-in a minor crime, and whatever happens on the other side of University Boulevard or down the street not worth mentioning. In a community such as a large university, littering is a minor offenses that doesn't merit media attention. Rape, mugging, and robbery are not minor offenses, and they should stand front-and-center of our attention when we are not in class. The Forty Niner News tells us only part of the story, and the alerts that appear on our mobile phones are only alerts to immediate threats. As much as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte campus police may want and try to protect us from everything, they can't. The student body must take it upon itself to keep itself informed of the possibility of becoming a victim of crime while we are on-campus and in its vicinity. That means that one must remain aware of his surroundings at all times, whether he is on-campus or off-campus.

To those who demand that we stop publishing news links to not-so-pretty stories about UNCC: we say NO! As long as those websites allow us to link we shall continue to do so. We maintain the absolute right of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. (For those of you who slept through elementary civics class, we're talking about the FREEDOM of SPEECH).

Those who care to express an opinion in the light of day for all to see: feel free to express it right here on the blog. We no longer respond to private emails (though we will continue to accept tips about nepotism, student-teacher relationships, and other inappropriate behavior involving faculty and administrators. Send those emails here.).

Again, thanks to all. Stay safe.


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