Monday, December 3, 2012

A Reversal of Opinion?

City Could Allow Renting by Room to Students

"...The practice would help reduce crime, police say..."


Consider this: It is illegal for an apartment owner to rent out just one room of an apartment --- for a very good reason. Leasing only to those who present proof of enrollment at UNCC won't stop criminals from moving in. If this proposal were passed, one could merely enroll in classes, present proof of enrollment from the registrar's office to the apartment complex, then quit school before classes begin. (A quick comparison of presumed students who hold campus jobs will be quite an eye-opener and serve as a failed model for this idiotic proposal). Perhaps the city, CMPD, and UNCC administrators need to get their priorities straight: forget the $45m stadium and the Little League football team, and build new dormitories and hire more policemen.

This advice is presented to CMPD, the Charlotte Apartment Association, and UNCC--- FREE OF CHARGE! If UNCC would like our consultation services to help it save $11m per year in more unnecessary costs, just cut a check for $5m and send it along to us.  

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