Tuesday, December 4, 2012

UNCC Playboy Pinup Chief Forced to Resign in 2010

Another Blast from the Past

UNCC Police Chief Who Appeared in Playboy When She was a College Student Was Forced to Resign


Which is worse? Cheating on a test, smoking pot on campus, lying to a judge, or showing some skin in a men's magazine when one is a student? Are they equally bad? 

Chief Baker, do the right thing. Dismiss Officer Kim Church immediately. Be a leader, not another campus toadie. Get tough on crime. Your reputation and the reputation of UNCC is at stake.

Chief Baker, you benefited from Marlene Hall's resignation after it was discovered that she posed in Playboy magazine when she was a student. You became Chief of Police of the UNCC campus. Pass that benefit to the students of UNCC. You can't do much for liars in other departments of the UNCC campus, but you can do something about this liar in your department. It will boost your credibility and the credibility of the campus police within the campus community.

What's good for the goose is good for the gooser. Do the right thing NOW. Dismiss Officer Kim Church . This problem won't go away until you act.

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