Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Interesting Conversation About University City

University City Urban Revitalization
(from Urban Planet Click the blue type above to read the entire forum conversation).

"...My experience with the area has been that the quality of neighborhood restaurants and shopping (Ikea excepted) has declined steadily over the decade. Crime was a major problem in the area a few years ago...)

"...Crime was a huge issue in the area 3-4 years ago.  The situation has improved since then but the reputation of U City as a dangerous place remains for many and current crime rates / reports suggest that the area is significantly more dangerous than intown neighborhoods..."

"...It's very depressing to go back to UCity these days. It has, in my opinion, steadily declined since I was in college (2005-2009). It's a shame because the campus itself has gotten much much nicer than when I was there...."

"I'm in UCity every week and I just don't see much potential for improvement, only potential for more decay..."

"...I have known five people who have been victims of crime in UC (two robberies, two home invasions, one stolen car) and I regularly get local crime reports at work..."

"...The evidence I have suggests that the neighborhood is in decline..."

"...Easy access to Concord Mills?? What road are you taking that I don't know about!?

'...I lived in University for a year and if was enough. I didn't hate it, but it felt like suburbia mixed with a college town. I did like the large influx of Indian population which made it feel rather international, but beyond that I felt confined to my car and frankly terrified to ride my bike. I also run which was a bummer there, my only options typically being the greenway (which was great) or down tryon (which was awful). I spent many a night SPRINTING by Walmart and the strip clubs in the pitch dark, coughing out car fumes...'

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