Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kim Church: Crocodile Tears Liar pt. 3

Editorial: UNCC Campus Police Officer Demoted For Lying Under Oath

  Kim Church (the UNCC Campus Police officer who lied under oath during a pretrial hearing) was allowed to remain on the force. This sends a message to the student body: the ethical standards to which they are held do not apply to other members of the UNCC community. Aside from the fact that the seemingly brain-damaged judge accepted the case for trial, and aside from the fact that the block-headed prosecution actually pursued a deeply flawed case, what was at stake was  not the prosecution's winning or losing. What was at stake was integrity and compassion, something missing from the moment that the defendant (hereafter referred to as "the victim") was discovered in her car, drugged with rohypnol, and possibly raped. (The results of the rape kit conveniently disappeared for three years until a week before the original trial date).  

  Three years after the alleged commission of the DUI crime, during a pretrial evidentiary hearing, Kim Church  wrote a  note to a colleague or lawyer in which she asked, "Do we have to listen to this BS?" The note found its way into court records. When asked by the judge if she wrote the letter, she denied it.                                                                                  

  Then a few days later, she predictably crawled back to court, stood before the judge and pulled a Jimmy Swaggart. For her lie, the judge slapped her on the wrist and sentenced her to serving fifty hours of community service.                                                                     

  Yeah. Right. A community servant cries and grovels before a judge and is sentenced to doing community service. Does anyone know what  that service is? Has she begun to serve it AFTER work hours?

At this point, that matters little. What matters is that for three years the victim suffered the pain of anticipating a kangaroo court hearing heard by a questionably sane judge and an undeniably over-zealous prosecutor's office. Curiously, UNCC Campus Police Chief Baker did not insist upon Kim Church's immediate dismissal. 

  Kim Church was shown mercy for which the alleged victim was not even considered. Kim Church's demotion and the pain and anguish that the victim suffered don't balance. Kim Church still has a job and will, undoubtedly, work her way back to the position she held before the trial. The victim has suffered three years of pain, anguish, and humiliation reinforced by what seemed to be a foregone conclusion: an unfair conviction. How does one recover from that? Can an advisory board review her case and give her a small boost and tell her, "Here's your self-esteem back. We've added a little more esteem to compensate you for your loss"?

  Of course not. The victim should sue the pants off the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for an amount of money that is commensurate with the three years of pain that she suffered while waiting to go to trial, an amount commensurate with the school's ability to pay. A fair number is forty-five million dollars (the cost of a football stadium) plus an additional five million dollars per year for  personal upkeep.

  And for good measure,  she should demand that Kim Church and her toady boss, Chief Jeffrey Baker be dismissed.

  One last thing. Students: when you get a parking ticket, contest it. Defend yourselves with two words: "Kim Church".  You should get little more than a slap on the wrist and be made to park a little farther away from the classroom buildings.  


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