Saturday, February 16, 2013

2012 UNCC Clery Act Crime Disclosure as of 2-16-13

"...Each year the updated report must be distributed to current students and employees. Prospective students and employees also must be made aware of the availability of the report..."

Where are the campus crime statistics for 2012? There's a "report" but No Year End Statistics.

UNCC is required to compile the year's statistics in compliance with the Clery Act which serves the students' right to know. UNCC has published the 2012 monthly data but has not yet published a complete year-end report that includes compiled data for that year.

Has anyone ever been notified of the existence of the report, much less notified that it is available?


Clarification ( maybe) From Student Media Guide to the Clery Act:

What period of time does an "annual report" cover?

The 1999 regulations indicate that the statistical information contained in each report should be based on the calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) in which the crime was reported to campus officials.24 (Previously, schools were required to report crimes according to when they actually occurred.) In addition, annual reports are required to contain statistics for the three most recent calendar years.
When must the report be made available?
Beginning with the 2000-01 school year, institutions must make their report available by Oct. 1 of each year.[25]

How can I get a copy of my school's report?
The law requires that schools "prepare, publish and distribute" their security report to all currently enrolled students and all employees by October 1 of each year. It also requires that schools alert prospective students and employees that the report is available and provide a copy on request.[26] The reports can either be mailed (either through regular or campus mail), e-mailed or hand-delivered in the form of part of a publication that is distributed to the campus community. The 1999 regulations also allow schools to meet the distribution requirement by posting the report on an Internet site (or a school's Intranet) that is reasonably accessible to enrolled students and to employees provided the school properly notifies the campus community of its availability online and offers to provide a paper copy of the report on request.[27]

It looks like we'll have to wait until October 2013 to see a tabulation of 2012's Clery act statistics. Apologies to those whose knickers got twisted.

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