Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February 2013 Clery Act Campus Crime Reports 1 SUICIDE, 1 ATTEMPTED SUICIDE, 1 MOLESTED FIRE EXTINGUISHER, and Something About a Mars Probe (We Think)

Assault on a Female  1

Assist other Agency    2

Attempted Suicide    (Sigma Kappa House)   1

Breaking and Entering  1

Burglary (forcible entry Wallis Hall)  1                                         

Larceny from Buildings 1

Larceny (All Others) 1 

Criminal Damage to Property (aka vandalism)   3

Criminal Damage to Automobile 1

DWI Alcohol & or Drugs     1                            

Fill-in-the-blank or “Other” (Person was arrested for outstanding warrant from another 
county. WHOA).  1

Hit and Run  3

Larceny from Buildings  10

Motor Vehicle Theft  ("Alleged")   2

Molestation of Fire Equipment  (Was that equipment underage?)  1

Possession of a handgun (You don’t think the campus cops keep you safe?)  1

Possession of drugs and paraphernalia  1

"Pepping" using a photographic imaging device (Copspeak for peeping with a camera.
Whatever the hell heck that is)   1
Simple Physical Assault/ Trespassing  1            

Suicide   Lynch Hall  1

Trespassing  1   

Underage consumption 1    Sanford Hall   



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