Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PaTS: That Bloated, Insatiable Money Machine

Aaron, the student who received an exorbitant ticket from PaTS for being broken down in a reserved parking zone outside Holshouser dorm was caught between two campus services: Campus Police, who gave him until March 13th to move his automobile, and PaTS, who really doesn't give a damn about his plight and finds the situation inexcusable.

It is assumed that Aaron already paid an outrageous sum for on-campus parking. Apparently, $415.00 per year isn't enough. Another $150.00 helps to fill the coffers of PaTS, thus providing more revenue for the school.

Think about it: for creating a POSSIBLE inconvenience for those for whom the parking space was reserved, the student is fined to what amounts to almost 30% of the privilege to park anywhere in the student parking areas (providing that he can FIND somewhere to park). The campus police (who apparently have a good grip on the challenges of campus parking) gave him until the 13th of March to clear out. PaTS found the situation inexcusable under any situation.

The fine is clearly not proportional to the transgression. Ten dollars is a more reasonable  fine for the heinous crime of breaking down in a reserved campus parking space. (For whom are the spaces reserved anyway? The President of the United States? Hugh McColl? Uncle Phil Dubois? If reserved parking is so important, why was Aaron even able to find unoccupied reserved parking space? Has anyone noticed that outside of the faculty areas, reserved parking spaces are almost never occupied except by delivery trucks?). 

Yes, ten dollars and the inconvenience and irritation of having to deal with the demigods of PaTS is surely sufficient punishment for Aaron's transgression. (What was Kim Church's fine for lying under oath? Huh? Somehow, Aaron's ticket and transgression don't seem fair compared to the slap on the wrist that Kim Church received for her transgression. The argument about different departments and services just doesn't hold up, so don't even THINK of bringing it up).

I've NEVER seen a ticket on an improperly parked faculty automobile. This is partially due to the fact that nobody wants to hear overpaid faculty whine about not being able to find a parking space. (Yes, I said OVERPAID faculty. If a faculty member wants to take issue with this statement, it is suggested that he get a REAL job like working for UPS. Then we can talk).

There is no end to the needs and desires of the UNCC money machine, of which PaTS is an essential part. At some point, somebody needs to flip the switch and turn off that machine before students are Hoovered to death.

Jay Cee Jones


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