Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seven Thousand Visits in Seven Months: Why We Started This Blog

We started it so that the prospective and current UNCC student would know what occurs in and around the UNCC campus. With the exception of a few entries all of the pages are referrals to news sources. In the beginning, there were so many news articles about UNCC and University City that it was difficult to decide what to publish. Most of the coverage was crime news.

Interestingly, the local media outlets stopped reporting on crime in the UNCC area in mid- December when the infamous campus DUI case involving the UNCC police officer Kim Church was about to go to trial. Had the case gone to trial, a firestorm of negative publicity might have erupted, even though the alleged DUI perpetrator (more probably a victim of date rape) wasn't even a student at UNCC. At that point in UNCC's expansion, the university couldn't afford negative publicity. It still cannot afford negative publicity. UNCC is relying upon the over-nurtured athletics program to wet-nurse the rest of the university with its fifty-ton teat called McColl-Richardson Field, the future home of the Forty Niners football team.

The police reports continue to be published and re-reported by sources such as SpotCrime, but details are scant. Media crime coverage has shifted to south Charlotte, Union County, Lancaster County, and Rowan County, yet crime occurs daily in and around the UNCC campus and University City.

Are the media in bed with the UNC system? It is difficult to know, but evidence that UNC administrators have tried to suppress news of sexual assaults on at least one campus makes one wonder. This speculation aroused almost no attention by local media, making an unfathomable relationship possible.  Equally incomprehensible is how the local news media wrote endless stories about and tributes to a UNCC student who fell to his death while hiking several months ago, yet NO attention was paid to the recent campus suicide in Lynch Hall. Aside from the mandated Clery Reports published by the campus police, there has been no notice paid to this event nor to yet another attempted suicide at the Kappa Sigma Fraternity House. (There have been at least two attempted suicides on campus or immediately off-campus this year). Worse, the last time we looked, there were NO compiled Clery Report data for 2012. So that our readers don't need to wait two years for 2013's statistics, we have begun compiling monthly data as it is released by campus police.

No news is NOT good news. No news is just no news. When we find out something, we'll let our growing readership know. Please communicate with us. If you know of something that others should know about, leave a message at the bottom of a page. If you don't want to be identified or if you don't want the information released, we won't act on it. We'll investigate your anonymous tip on our own. Unless you email us, your messages are untraceable.

Keep us informed so we may continue to keep everyone else informed.


Jay, Jayne, Jasmine, and Cee Jay.


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