Friday, March 22, 2013

The Customers Always Write

We received this email and we feel  compelled to respond to it in the same spirit in which it was written.

"I live here and feel completely safe. Can you find any large college in the States that doesn't have some sort of crime? I also like how you leave out any kind of positive information. I mean look at the reviews on and they are much better. Maybe find something better to do than sitting around only blogging negative information on a school."

You feel completely safe despite the fact that the blog addresses problems associated with attending class and living in or near UNCC. We accept that. Are you cognizant of the fact that everything that is posted in this blog comes from other  news sources?

Quite frankly, we don't give a flying kite if other U.S. schools have similar problems.  Charlotte has about 500,000 residents. (This figure excludes surrounding areas such as Gastonia and Lincoln county which rate dismally low on the USA Today and Psychology Today's lists of America's ratings of America's "Most Liveable Cities"). This makes it a comparatively small town.

Moderators on this blog do not feel compelled to look for "good news" about UNCC. The university has a PAID public relations department to attend to this task. Its responsibility is not to tell the whole truth but to tell that which makes people feel good. What has been its effect upon you? Haven't you read enough feel-good news about UNCC?

No? Do you wonder why?

We tell the truth, but  you feel unhappy. Connect the dots. 


College Prowler and ( a revelation to us) spouts good news about professors BY professors. We've taken classes taught by some of the highly-rated professors. We haven't rated any of them, but some probably  don't cut the muster of most serious students.

UNCC is a suitcase commuter school. Accept that fact. Most students have low expectations of their professors. Of course, students are happy as long as they receive a B for attending class occasionally. (We could cite several professors' ratings, but we won't).

Again, the administrators of this blog feel NO obligation to promote the university as long as the university is surrounded by a crime-ridden ghetto.

Thank you for writing. 

God bless and keep you.

Jasmine Jones


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