Monday, March 11, 2013

UNCC Faculty Forum Summaries--- Pfffft

"...Summary of ideas that came out of the Oct. 23rd forum at UNC-CH – sponsored by a coalition of faculty, students, and staff and attended by 140 people..."

 "The university is first of all accountable to its students—not simply that it owes its students jobs at graduation [Since when has that ever been a goal of UNCC?], but that the university owes its students unfettered access to the best teachers the school has to offer in whatever area of study they choose to pursue..."

"...The third group the university is accountable to is the faculty and staff of the university, who should be encouraged and supported, not demoralized and exploited... " [Right. Demoralized and exploited. Publish the faculty members' salaries and the hours worked and THEN talk about exploitation. Some of these faculty members need to work a year or two at Wendy's or McDonald's or CMPD].

"The mission of the University of North Carolina and its 16 institutions of higher education, as articulated in its mission statement, is “to address the needs of individuals and society,” and it does this through instruction, which imparts the skills and values needed “to lead responsible, productive, and personally satisfying lives.' ” 

“to address the needs of individuals and society,” [Time to move on here. Do they mean students or just faculty? Let the UNCC faculty eat Cap'n Crunch].


That faculty assembly must have been one obscene cluster f*ck.  


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