Thursday, March 28, 2013

UNC Suspends Honor Court Due to Retaliation Claim

"...Thorp also invoked the Carolina community‚Äôs long tradition of encouraging students to exercise their right to speak out..." 

Uh huh. 

What a crock of grits.

UNC Sex Assault Victim Faces Possible Expulsion for Speaking to Media

Does the UNC system  exercise its obligation to address students' complaints when it's easier to sweep them under the rug? Now UNC itself claims retaliation against UNC. How do students "retaliate" against UNC when UNC holds all of the cards and can hold the threat of expulsion over students' heads?  Expulsion is easier than dealing with the problem. 

The entire UNC system needs to take a look at itself, the history of complaints against the system, how it has handled the complaints, and whether any real solution came of the complaint process. Telling the student that "We're right and you're wrong" settles nothing.

While this incident took place at UNC-CH, the outcome affects all UNC campuses. All UNC-systems students should pay very close attention to this story. 

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