Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UNCC Campus Crime Statistics March 2013

Per the Cleary Act

Arrested for being subject to another warrant for arrest   1

Attempted Suicide    (Sigma Kappa House) NONE  this month

Call for Service  ( Something about a welfare check) 1

Call for Service  (Two guys in a confrontation)   1

Call for Service  (Alcohol Violation)  1
Call for Service  (Disagreement between acquaintances)  1

Criminal Damage to Property (aka vandalism)   6

Criminal Damage to Automobile 4

Criminal Damage to Automobile/ Vandalism (multiple vehicles) 1

Communicating threats  1
Communicating Offensive Language to an Acquaintance (Pending investigation) 1

Failure to Pay Cab Fare   1

Fraud Credit Card/ATM   1

Fighting in Dormitory    2  

Hit and Run While Parked on UNCC property 4

Larceny from Buildings  18

Larceny from Motor Vehicle (other) 5          

Larceny from Motor Vehicle (stolen license plate) 2

Molestation of Fire Equipment   NONE this month

Possession of drugs and paraphernalia  1  (Moore Hall)

Resisting Arrest/Trespassing / Delaying Arrest by Running Away 

Simple Physical Assault/ Underage drinking 1
Simple Physical Assault   2  

Simple Assault/ Communicating Threats 1

Suicide  NONE this month!
Trespassing   1   

Underage Drinking/ Possession of a Fictitious Drivers License (fictitious?)  1 




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