Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Name the New UNCC Mascot!

We did some research. There was no gold rush in Charlotte in 1849 or even in 1749. If there really was anything resembling a gold rush in the area, it began in 1799 with the discovery of a very large nugget by Conrad Reed in what is now Cabarrus County. 

So where did the Forty Niner name come from?

The origin seems to have been lost in history, but we found it. It comes from UNCC's location right off Highway 49, aka North Tryon.

Forget about the guy panning for gold. It doesn't work. UNCC needs something that reflects a location rich in local culture, not a myth.

The UNCC  Tryon Street Hookers? The UNCC  Hwy 49 Shooters? The Tryon Street Crack Heads?

We're taking suggestions now. Name the new UNCC team name or mascot. The winner may even receive an award!


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