Monday, April 15, 2013

UNCC Policy on Nepotism... Report Them

"... 2.            The policy is to be publicized generally throughout the University community, to insure that all employees are aware of its requirements...
 "... 4.            In any situation where two or more related persons are to be employed within the same academic department (or other comparable subdivision of institutional employment), the administrative official who has authority to give final approval to the employment shall obtain from the official recommending employment a certification to the effect that no other candidate for the position in question possesses qualifications superior to those of the relative candidate.
5.            Consistent with the requirements of paragraph E of the policy, each chancellor's written report to the Board of Trustees shall treat all cases in which the nepotism question arose during the preceding year:
a.            In all cases where an individual making written application for employment was denied employment because of the requirements of the anti-nepotism policy, the circumstances shall be set forth; for example, (1) the employment would have resulted in one relative supervising another, or (2) an unrelated candidate had demonstrably superior qualifications;
b.            In all cases where concurrent employment of related persons was allowed, the justifying circumstances shall be set forth: for example, (1) the supervisory relationship was not "direct," or (2) there were no other candidates for the available position whose professional qualifications were demonstrably superior to those of the relative..."

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