Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Theft at Local Public Pools--- CMPD University Division

Thieves Target Community Pools

Welkom ! Bienvenu ! Willkomen !

Welcome, Belgium!

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Back in Hidden Valley: Bang Bang !

Sugar Creek Road and Reagan Drive

One More Dead in Salisbury

At Apartment Complex

Beware: Theft Through Social Media

Criminals solicit money from victims through social media

Colleges Investigated for Mishandling Sexual Assault Complaints Move Quickly to Make Changes

Colleges Investigated for Mishandling Sexual Assault Complaints Move Quickly to Make Changes

Protesters Call for Stricter Sanctions on Colleges That Mishandle Sexual Assault

Protesters Call for Stricter Sanctions on Colleges That Mishandle Sexual Assault

Colleges Consider a New 'Blueprint' for Responding to Sexual Assault

Colleges Consider a New 'Blueprint' for Responding to Sexual Assault

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Message From JJ Jones

Jay JonesHi Everybody!

I'm JJ Jones, the new Moderator of this blog. A few weeks ago Jasmine and Cee Jay put out a call for people to help with this news blog. I answered the call and was chosen to take care of this monster BY MYSELF! I need help. This news blog is getting about 1,000 reads and visits every three weeks from almost every country on earth. Jasmine and Cee Jay have graduated, so I need not only people to post news articles but people to write articles that will interest readers.

Send me tips about UNCC. It can be about anything, but it must be interesting and TRUE. If you can supply a link to an article or blog, that would help. If you have something to say, write it on Screaming Reviews ( then send me a link. I will link to it.  In favor of or hate certain school regulations? Write about it. Have a suggestion for improving our alma mater? Know about something cool that's happening on or near campus? WRITE ABOUT IT!

The point is for you to get it off your chest and for the world to know about it.

You can send me anonymous tips on any page via the comments box. I won't publish it, but I'll investigate.

Help make a difference. Help to open people's eyes!

As ever,

JJ Jones  :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Police Need Your Help To Solve Murder at Concert

Detectives Need Help Solving Stabbing

Dateline 1994: What UNCC Administrators Spent Their Time Doing

A Flap Over Prof's Alleged Body Odor [Let the PDF load. It's worth it].

Hairston Caught Speeding

Rumored to be taking lessons in obnoxium by Justin Bieber... SUSPENDED

Bang Bang! You're Dead: Up the Street in Salisbury

Shoot-out at Apartment Complex in Salisbury

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coming Soon: #Smackcam

Some are truly demented.  [Discretion advised]

OMG! What UNCC Fraternities Say About UNCC

"...**** that is celebrated at real southern schools (racism, heavy drinking, fraternity parties, drug use, not being a polo outlet frat star in general) is shunned here..."

High Tech Burglary Bozos: Down the Street On Sugar Creek

"A disturbing trend..."

Up the Street In Salisbury: Flim Flam Man Gets Slammer

Serious Prison Time...

Man Murdered Outside Verizon Amphitheater

Wasn't No Li'l Cut

Friday, July 26, 2013

UNCC Lecturer Arrested for DUI Last Month

From fitsnews  (Scroll Down)

こんにちは Kon'nichiwa !

Welcome, Japan!

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An Actual Forty Niner Twitter Conversation

Forty Niners Raising the Bar for Intellectual Correspondence in the Digital Age.

[Caution: Adult Content].

The Week in UNCC University City Ghetto Crime 7-9 to 7-14

Take Your Pick. (Scroll down to view descriptions of the crimes).

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bleachers Stolen from Charlotte Football Field

"The Derita Redskins have the oldest youth football program in Charlotte..."

Withdrawing from the University of North Carolina Charlotte?

I'm thinking of withdrawing from the University. Where do I start?

Hey, Mon!

Welcome Trinidad and Tobago!

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Transferring to Another School?

Order your transcripts from the registrar's office

Beat the rush by faxing your request and having them mailed.


Welcome, Unites Arab Emirates!

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UNCC Education Majors: Bye Bye Raises, Tenure

Nice Okay While it lasted. 

And the CharMeck superintendent makes HOW MUCH per year?

Thieves On the Hunt for Guns and Motorcycles, Says CMPD

Thieves are breaking into cars, on the hunt for guns to steal. 

This includes UNCC University City Ghetto.

Charlotte Rapes Increasing

But Property Crimes are (Supposedly) Down.

Right. Uh huh.

The story makes sure to note with an asterisk that * 95% of the rapes reported involved known acquaintances)


Burglary (supposedly) decreased -13.9%. Let's see some verifiable figures, boys.

The year is only halfway finished. There are too many problems with this story to take it seriously.

Student Loan Deal Faces an Easy Path in House

But it's still a mess.  Read about increases for 2015.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

From Nasty Brawl at UNCC Cookout

Welcome to Civilization... Yay Forty Niners.

Man Shot in Face

But Expected to Be Okay

All Charges Dropped Against UNC Guard P.J. Hairston

All Charges Dropped Against UNC Guard P.J. Hairston

Let's hope that UNCC has higher standards.

Scary New Legislation

N.C. Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Changes to Gun Laws

 Going out on Friday nights? LEAVE IT AT HOME!

Read more here:

CMPD to Announce New Campaign

"...They will also give up-to-date numbers on crime in your neighborhood..."

CMPD crime numbers haven't been released in a timely manner this year. 

"...Earlier this year, police said overall crime is down in Charlotte compared to last year..."

Ummm... Define "crime". Which part of Charlotte? UNCC University City?

College Confidential Q&A: Is My College Ripping Me Off?

This may not be about UNCC but it may apply to you. Be prepared if your financial aid is reduced because of outside funding. Many UNCC students rely upon financial aid to help them complete school.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

University Professor Designation

University Professor Designation

How does your professor stack up against the criteria?

Course Syllabus and Requirements, and Expectations for Students

Course Syllabus and Requirements, and Expectations for Students 

Watch for this.

Faculty Advisor’s Responsibilities in the Advising Process

Faculty Advisor’s Responsibilities in the Advising Process

How well does your advisor perform?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dobrodošli !

Welcome, Serbia!

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For Those Who Those Who Are Already Enrolled at UNCC

Hello everyone,

The creation of this blog has been a learning experience for those who have been maintaining it and (hopefully) for those faithful who continue to read it. We know that many readers  are frequent and regular readers. We can see it in the traffic statistics and traffic patterns on our side of the blog. There are many readers whose visits register a hit almost as soon as a new link appears on the blog--- even at ungodly hours. We assume that some of these people are campus police and/or the university's office of the general counsel who fear that we may somehow malign them or the university. 

To date, my own (Jay Jones') occasional criticism of UNCC has been fair [see Kim Church and the whole stinking affair in which a young woman lived under the threat of prosecution for the "crime" of having been plied with alcohol and rohypnol and then raped and abandoned on campus. The campus policewoman who lied in court under oath during the evidentiary trial should have been dismissed but was not. Fortunately, the prosecutors saw the light--- or most probably read my editorials--- and dropped the case AFTER THREE YEARS OF PREPARING PROSECUTION AGAINST THE VICTIM].

We receive criticism almost daily, most of which is not published because the tenor and tone (and language) of the comments is not worthy of publication. We may not publish every reader's comments, but we feel his pain. I will reiterate: this blog is mostly a news aggregator. We find news about UNCC and link to it here. What appears in this news blog is merely a reflection of the environment that exists immediately outside campus, something that should worry anyone who attends University of North Carolina Charlotte. We don't make up the news.

It didn't take long to learn that the easiest stories to link to are the ones about crime around UNCC University City. The decision to give students as much access to this news was probably the best thing that we could do. Unfortunately, we don't publish much good news about UNCC or the UNCC University City area because there is little to report except for whatever we are sent through the Forty Niner publication. Even then, the good from Forty Niner news is scant. Oh, sure, one can read about who won the BoA Teaching Award and how beautiful the campus is and how excited the UNCC student body is about the new stadium and the football team and the transgender housing and all of the things that exist mostly to attract more students and to feed the money machine that UNCC has become. [Sound effects: Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine"].

This leads us to another observation: it is insanely difficult to find out about things that happen on campus. If one knows where to look, and if he searches long enough, he can find UNCC web pages that detail UNCC policy, but one must search for it. That must change. One should not have to stand in long lines at the registrar's office or rely upon his counselor (who is usually out of out of his office AND out of the loop on most matters pertaining to university policy). Police reports about student deaths are terse little statements released only because the Clery Act requires the university to report student death on campus, campus crime, and campus fires. If one wants further information, he must go searching for it. We know how many people seek information about the University of North Carolina Charlotte because we see the traffic counts and the search words that lead people to our blog. Sometimes, the only clue that we (i.e., those who run the blog) have that something has occurred is a sudden spike in traffic and specific search words. This is really sad considering the fact that the staff of this blog is comprised of full-time, fully-engaged students.

The local media are complicit in the withholding of news pertaining to significant events in and around the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC). There were (by our count) three suicides or attempted suicides on campus during the 2012-12 to 2013 school year. The local media did not report these, and the Forty Niner said little or nothing about these events.

There were (by our count) three rapes on the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) campus during the same time period. The November, 2012 event received some media coverage for a few days, but that was the end of it.  The UNC-CH event received much more media coverage. Dr. Dubois made an obligatory statement about the UNC Charlotte rape, and then that was the end of the matter as far as the student body was concerned. One really bright Women's Studies prof actually published an opinion in her blog saying that increased campus surveillance would be a move to further repress women. Did she tell that to the victim of the rape? (Read the following paragraphs with this in mind).

One more thing: UNCC administrators, dig through the library archives and read Tom Peter's "In Search of Excellence". Though the book was written in 1982, his business template of eight business practices are applicable to the modern university, especially one that is growing as fast as UNCC is growing. One piece of advice from "In Search of Excellence": reduce management layers. UNCC's bureaucracy is so bloated that might be considered gouty and worthy of amputation via mass issuance of pink slips.

Another book that Chancellor Dubois should make required reading by all faculty, staff, department chairs, and anyone who holds any position of responsibility within the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) is Scott Adams' book "The Dilbert Principle", a takeoff on Laurence J. Peter's "The Peter  Principal". (Both books are worth reading). The most poignant piece of advice that Scott Adams offers is this: Get rid of the *ssholes. Everyone knows who they are.
The new instructor/professor should be given these books and be required to deliver a lecture on the principles of the books to his respective department. Whoever questions this reading list should be put on administrative leave and be required to write a paper on the books. Whoever just doesn't "get it" should be told to empty his desk, then be shown the back door.

When this blog was started, there was little hope that anyone would be able to find it, much less read it. Almost thirteen months later, our counter shows that we're about to reach a milestone of fourteen thousand views.

I want to thank our past and present staff: Jayne Jones, Jasmine Jones, Cee Jay Jones, and JJ Jones. There will be others as this blog grows and morphs into something more comprehensive and (hopefully) more interesting and diversified.

If you know of a news report that you think should be linked to this blog, send us the link. If you know of an incident (on-campus or off-campus) that should be reported, let us know. Become active on this blog!

Thanks to all who have made this blog such a success. Have a good, safe year AND STUDY STUDY STUDY!


Jay Jones

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Proposal Could Ban Gender-neutral Housing at UNC System Universities

"...A proposed policy by the UNC Board of Governors could block the gender-neutral housing program from starting before it begins...."

What were they thinking, anyway? 

Senators Reach Deal on Student Loans

"...Heading off a costly increase for returning college students, a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal Wednesday that would offer students better rates on their loans this fall but perhaps assign higher rates in coming years..."

How about this: require universities to charge the same rate of tuition for the duration of a student's enrollment. 

No. Wait. That would make too much sense and cost universities too much lost revenue.

Man Arrested for Drive-by Shooting in Northeast Charlotte

A man suspected of killing two people in a drive-by shooting has been arrested.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Too Bad UNCC Hasn't Offered a Course on This Author in Years

Happy Birthday, Hemingway!

What we have instead are courses in Children's Literature, The Romantic Era, and AA Lit.

Major in Marketing. There's money in it, and no screwball teachers teaching it. Read Hemingway when you go to the mountains to fish. It's manly.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Customers Always Write

"...How long are you evil people going to keep doing this to the school? Do you realize the impact all of this bad news about the University area will have on enrollment? People won't want to attend this fine university. The school won't be able to pay for the beautiful stadium and all of the new buildings. This is so wrong. Shame on you. And JJ, I know who you are! What is your personal vendetta against the school? Is it because you weren't allowed into the sorority?..."



What is not understood is why some people feel that this news aggregator is responsible for anything other than linking to news articles about crime in the university's back yard. 

Re: how long this blog will continue to exist: forever, baby.

There is  no personal vendetta here. It's only a news aggregator. If you don't like it, don't read it. What's so difficult to understand about that?

We don't publish every comment, but the nasty tone of some of the comments is unwarranted and personal in nature. If you want to get personal and reveal JJ's identity, remember this: I know who YOU are now, and I knew you when you were a sophomore and BEFORE you were a virgin (haha). So take your scathing criticism and take your blame throwing elsewhere. That goes for faculty and administration. Get nasty with us, and we'll get nasty right back with truth, not lies, insinuation and innuendo. We've got enough verifiable dirt to go around, but that's not what this blog is about. It's a news aggregator and a COMMUNITY SERVICE.

Again, we invoke the absolute rights of the First Amendment. Don't like it? Talk to the Supreme Court.

Jay Jones (Back on vacation).

Next Door in Mooresville... AGAIN.

Mooresville Police Looking For Missing Pregnant Teenager

UNCC Neighborhood Rape: North Tryon Division of UNCC University Ghetto Sees 28% Increase in Rapes

"...Nobody is immune from sexual assault..."

Now, It's Mooresville

Four year-old Helps Identify Man Accused of Mother's Killing

Up the Street in Concord AGAIN!

Police: Burglar Breaks Into Hair Salon Through Roof

In Concord: A God Fearin' Man. No, Really! Not Making this Up!!

Police: Man Turns Self in After Breaking into Church

His mother believes this could be a fresh start. Calvary Church Yesterday. Tomorrow the Vatican.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Breathe a Sigh of Relief. They Caught Him.

VCAT officers arrest man accused of cutting off electronic monitor.

  "...Police said Allen was released from jail on June 27 after being ordered to wear a CMPD electronic monitor. They said he cut off his monitor two days later in the University area..."


         Good Morning!--- I'm JJ Jones, Associate Blogger

Dateline January 10, 2013: CMPD Committed to Prevent Gun Violence in 2013

So How is That Promise Going?

Number of REPORTED Rapes Are Up

"..."I think sexual assault has been vastly under-reported," [ CMPD Police Officer] Peacock said. "Statistics show that it has been for years. It's such a personal crime that the nature of talking about the details may be enough to make a victim not report."

"...The North Tryon Division saw a 28 percent increase..."

Another Convenience Store Robbery

CMPD Asks for Help Identifying Kangaroo Express Robbers

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We Believe in Diversity

Today's Visitors

United States

That WASN'T It! Michael Jackson Spotted...

Though Long-Rumored to Have Succumbed to an Unintentional Fatal Drug Overdose,  Michael Jackson Has Been Seen Working in UNCC's Food Court AND Area WalMarts. 

Mr. Jackson could not be reached for comment.

Up the Street in Rowan County

MORE Pedophiles Found in Rowan

What's going on here? Rowan County seems to be a magnet for these scumbags.

Update: UNCC University City Ghetto Crime

Police: 2nd Person Dies After Reagan Drive Shooting

The Most Interesting Search Key Word So Far

UNCC Sluts

This is a bit  very sad that a Forty Niner is going ONLINE to look for this. Worse, he found THIS blog!!! We're all for being young and being foolish, but DO wear a condom, and don't click onto links that you don't trust.

                                                   JJ Jones---- Associate Editor

Pay No Attention to This Post. This Sort of Thing Doesn't Happen at UNCC. RIGHT?

UNC Faces 3rd Federal Inquiry Into Sex-Assault Complaints.

Student Gets Hoovered Over In-State Tuition

Student fights UNC over in-state tuition

UNCC keeps a tight lid on this sort of thing and anything that might hurt enrollment and those stadium ticket sales. Has this happened to you or someone you know? If so, contact us in the comment box below. Your comments won't be published. Please leave your email address where you may be reached.

Up the Street (Again) in Mooresville

Mooresville man accused of videotaping rape of girl, 14

Readers From All Over the World This Week

United States

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun and Bangs Up the Road...

Concord Shooting Leaves A Man Dead

UNCC All Star Lesbian and Transgender Faculty Golf Tourney

To Be Announced

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Customers Always Write

"...Hey c*ksuckr. UNCC rocks, you suck. I don't care about the hood, I drove to school all last year and never got a problem. Your probably from Appeleachain State and jealous about our new stadium and engeneering depratment. GO FORTY NINARS!..."

If you have a comment to add to the blog, feel free to add it at the bottom of the subject page or write directly to us here.

Still MORE UNCC University City Ghetto Crime for 7-1 to 7-4

Makes you wonder why CMPD doesn't release information all at once.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


UNCC University City: Where Things Happen

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wait. There's More Crime 6-24 to 7-7 !!!!!

This is NOT pretty. Possibly the Most Dangerous Week So Far This Year.

The Last of June's Crime Wave (Maybe) 6-24 to 6-30

We'll see.

1 Dead, 3 Injured In A Northeast Charlotte Shooting

Hidden Valley Stages a Bloody Comeback

More Madness in Mooresville

US Marshals: Violent Murder Suspect Arrested in Salisbury

So What Else is New?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Up the Street in Good Ol' Mooresville

"...homicide investigation at the woman's town home in the 800 block of Agape* Drive..."

* spiritual love

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Area Car Dealerships Hit

Vandals Hit Charlotte Car Lots Repeatedly (not just the UNCC parking lots)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mark Your Calendars:Something to Do On Campus July 13!!

Featuring Teepa Snow !!!!!

Indoor Shooting Ranges Double in Charlotte area

There must be a reason for it.

UNCC University City Ghetto Crime: Another one Bites the Dust

Buh Bye

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Latest in UNCC University City Ghetto Crime 6-24 to 6-30

Have a Nice Day... Somewhere Else

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

College Prowler: UNCC Parking is Dreadful.

There's more.

Dead in Concord Identified

"...Concord police said 49-year-old James Luther Blanks and 55-year-old Sharon Cook were found shot to death around 3:15 p.m..."

Colleges Have Been Way Too Soft On Sex Crimes

From Business Insider: An excellent article.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Up the Street in Concord: More Dead

Two Killed, One Wounded in Concord Shooting

Read more here:

Read more here:

Former 49ers Demario Mayfield Indicted on Armed Robbery Charge

It's Difficult to Make an Honest Buck.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Charlotte Makes List For Least Hipster City In America

If you think Charlotte is full of better think again! 

(Thanks for the tip, DK!)

All the Ways You’re Being Watched

Someone is watching you.
What you spend. Where you eat. Whom you call. Where you travel. What you Google. What you give to charity.



Former Charlotte 49ers Player Demario Mayfield Indicted on Armed Robbery Charge

UNCC is dedicated to educating tomorrow's leaders.

Read more here:

Have You Seen This Man in Class or on Campus?

According to authorities, Allen cut off his electric monitoring device somewhere on I-85 near University City Boulevard.

In Concord: Woman Hit and Left to Die in Road

Troopers are looking for the driver who hit and killed a Cabarrus County woman early Saturday, then left the scene.