Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Message From JJ Jones

Jay JonesHi Everybody!

I'm JJ Jones, the new Moderator of this blog. A few weeks ago Jasmine and Cee Jay put out a call for people to help with this news blog. I answered the call and was chosen to take care of this monster BY MYSELF! I need help. This news blog is getting about 1,000 reads and visits every three weeks from almost every country on earth. Jasmine and Cee Jay have graduated, so I need not only people to post news articles but people to write articles that will interest readers.

Send me tips about UNCC. It can be about anything, but it must be interesting and TRUE. If you can supply a link to an article or blog, that would help. If you have something to say, write it on Screaming Reviews (http://screamingreviews.com/?s=uncc) then send me a link. I will link to it.  In favor of or hate certain school regulations? Write about it. Have a suggestion for improving our alma mater? Know about something cool that's happening on or near campus? WRITE ABOUT IT!

The point is for you to get it off your chest and for the world to know about it.

You can send me anonymous tips on any page via the comments box. I won't publish it, but I'll investigate.

Help make a difference. Help to open people's eyes!

As ever,

JJ Jones  :)


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