Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Customers Always Write

This is an incredibly biased blog. Interesting but biased. Parking is a gigantic rip off and there is very high crime on campus. My car was broken into while parked in West Deck last fall semester. The school however is not mediocre. As a CS undergrad transfer student I am satisfied with the level of education I am receiving. No it is not Harvard or NYU. If you are looking for either at $7200 a year add on another $1000 in tuition and try UNC-CH...and then enjoy being wait listed for two years. I wish the blog did not seem like the author has some sort of vendetta against the school. If it didn't, then it would be more effective. Linking up to news stories doesn't make your message seem more credible except only to those who take things at face value. Cherry picking only bad news about the school is proof positive of your bias and makes you just as bad as the public relations dept of the school. ..Getting off my soapbox now, but before I go...the idea of football at the school on For Those Who Are Considering Attending UNCC..."
You didn't read the entire blog. You stopped at page one.  We report many more issues besides those found on page one. We have also reported about paying for tuition, neutral gender housing and advances made by campus police . 
We also went to bat for a woman who was found in her automobile on campus late at night, naked, possibly raped (the rape kit test "disappeared" for three years), and under the influence of rohypnol. Campus police and the city prosecutor wanted to prosecute her for DUI. Had we not taken up the cause, the victim would probably have  been convicted (during the Christmas holidays when there would be no students on campus to protest) after three years of hounding by the D.A.'s office, even though the arresting officer lied under oath during the pretrial evidentiary hearing.
Don't like the bad news? Go make some good news and we'll report it. We don't make up the news. 


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