Friday, September 20, 2013

And All of These Crimes Took Place...Where?

This Is What CMPD Call Police Reports. Any Idea Where the Crimes Took Place?

Almost three hundred arrests this week. Less than a dozen made the news. CMPD has monetized crime mapping to an outfit that doesn't even report the arrests properly. A shooting may be reported to the public as an assault. Or it may not even be reported at all. The result? Charlotte residents are kept in the dark to make sure that Charlotte continues to grow its tax base. The local media are complicit in this obfuscation of the facts.

Monday's Winners

Tuesday's Winners

Wednesday's Winners

 Thursday's Winners

Want more information on these crimes such as where they took place? Try this site. Good luck.

Or try here. Let us know when the site is up and working. Until then, keep reading the news and continue to believe that all of the serious crime is being committed in Union County, Anson County, Caldwell county, Cabarrus County, and Catawba County. That's where most of the crime coverage emphasis has been placed by Charlotte news media.

 And for the Mecklenburg Mug Shots? Pay them no attention. The arrests aren't worth reporting (unless, of course you happen to be one of the perpetrators' victims).



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