Friday, September 6, 2013

Face Book FortyNiner Confessions pt II

We're not making this up!

"...I got sexual with one of my XXXXXXXX TA's and he gave me the answers to the final. A+"

"...Last year, before the first week of school was even over, I had already given three guys head. Last year was my first year here..."

"...So many sexy white guys on campus, and yes im a guy!..."

"...We really need more girls in the Engineering Department specially Electrical/Comp... I am taking 4 ENGN class this semester with almost 200 student, 190 guys and 10 GIRLS ONLY!! I feel I will go gay by the end of the my degree..."  

"...I'm currently 4 months pregnant and have slept with at least ten possible fathers.. And i have no idea what to do..." 

"...Its my 5th year here and I still haven't made any friends..." 

"...I have masturbated in the boys bathroom in the union, I am a girl..." 


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