Friday, September 6, 2013

The Customers Always Write

"Salsbury [sic] is a 30+ minute car ride away from the school. How is this relevant to uncc? It also seems like you don't understand how big Charlotte is. It can take up to an hour to drive across the city. Also crime happens everywhere, so stop being upset that you couldn't get in."

Generally, we don't respond with personal remarks. This time we'll make an exception. 

This is truly a thoughtful response. Students who live with their parents in the suburbs and exurbs of Charlotte such as Ballantyne can't understand how ANY crime that happens off-campus could be of interest to any other UNCC student. It is especially difficult to understand the scope of this news aggregator if one does not read it regularly. 

Why do we report on outlying areas? More and more students chose to live farther away from University City to escape the crime. They tend to live where the rent is cheaper or where amenities are more available and easily accessible.  Take it from there.

Did you stop at the first page of this news aggregator? If so, you won't see this response.

By the way, the student who started this news aggregator graduated from UNCC and now attends an Ivy League university. Past and present moderators have been and are current UNCC enrollees.  This is community service, not sour grapes.


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