Monday, September 23, 2013

The Customers Always Write

"...Harvard is the 2nd most dangerous school in the country (see link below). Would you not send you kid there? This girl must have something personal against UNCC. I went there and also lived in the area for seven years until about 2010. The campus is full if preppy college kids, not sure how people consider that dangerous. I live in uptown Charlotte now in a luxury highrise condo and I'm a VP at Bank of America. I still drive to university area all time to do shopping and feel perfectly safe..."

REPLY:  This blog is not about Harvard's problems. The purpose of this blog is to raise the awareness of everyone who works for, studies at, and lives at UNCC. Yes, the campus is safe but the area outside the campus is a ghetto.  You can feel safe on campus because we have one of the finest campus police departments in the country.

This is the Information Age. Stay informed. Stay Safe.

Love and Peace, 

JJ (not Jasmine)

PS I have not been kicked out of UNCC. I am an out-of-state student who is aware of the problems posed by the surrounding neighborhoods (more so than the live-with-mommy-and-daddy commuters).


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