Friday, November 29, 2013

From the Pope Center: The State of UNC System

Critical Facts about the University of North Carolina System

Why the U.S. Has a Crummy Educational System

"...educational schools have a guaranteed market and are shielded from competition..."

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This week's Winners

Thursday  11/21

Friday 11/22

Saturday 11/23

Sunday  11/24

Monday 11/25

Tuesday  11/26

Wednesday  11/27

None of them made the news. Made their Mamas proud.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

UNCC Confessions

#7197 "Three times in a row with three different guys, they've tried to have sex with me the first time we hang out. I say no and then never hear from them again. What happened to getting to know each other? Damn."


#7191 "Alright.. so I saw a post earlier that is basically saying the same thing I'm about to say.. but here it goes anyways: I don't support rape.. but when I hear about it, from friends (women) or others I immediately get turned on. A few times I went too far asking for what happened, but I couldn't help myself. I wasn't attracted to them, I know for a fact; I was attracted to the idea. Now I'm not someone who could ever do that myself, that terrifies me. But just the idea really turns me on. I seriously think something is wrong with my mentality." 

Watch out for this one:

#7189 "The only reason I ever want to have sex is because I want a baby. I don't even participate. I just lay there until he finishes. " So how many times you done that and you not preggo yet? Girl, you need help, but don't look at me.
   JP sez: Respect yourself and others will respect you (unless you go on BaceFook)

At a High School in Da Hood

Punk Brings a Gun to School

JP sez: See Sumthin' Say Sumthin' (Then Run)

Prevent Break-ins During the Holidays

Good Tips, Smat Ideas 

Don't Be a Victim!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

UNCC University City Gehtto Crime Map 11-17 to 11-23

You Don't Think Tha University Hood Is Dangerous? Take a Good Look.

From the looks of the comments, a lot of peeps don't wanna admit that theres a problem in UNCC University City. Maybe this will wake up some of you.