Friday, December 20, 2013

"Help Us Solve a Murder" Letter From Colin Drane

A letter from Colin Drane, Founder of SpotCrime

Dec 13

We've been working with investigative reporter Stephen Janis and former homicide detective Stephen Tabeling on another installment of our continuing televisual dialog on crime called "Why Do We Kill?" viewable here

In this episode you'll get a detailed and chilling recounting of the circumstances, evidence, and harrowing details of crimes that confound the normal explanations for violent crime. It's a riveting tale of two inexplicable acts of violence.

On May 3, 2008, a star lacrosse play and honor student living in Cockeysville, Maryland named Nicholas Browning took a break from playing video games at a friend's house, walked home, picked up his father's gun, and shot his entire family as they slept.

Several weeks later just miles from the Browning residence another promising young man inexplicably turned to murder.

A 17-year old star athlete, Lewin Powell, picked up a bat during the dispute with his mother and beat her to death. But Powell wasn't done, later attacking his father while he slept, fracturing his skull in two places before the bewildered parent could subdue him.

Neither boy came from troubled homes or suffered from mental illness. In fact, they were both leading exemplary lives.

I'm encouraging a dialog about these heinous acts for the same reason I continue to advocate for your right to know about crime in your community. I firmly believe that transparency about crime draws on the most powerful tool for preventing it: the wisdom and knowledge of the people. Share your comments at our Baltimore True Crime Facebook page here

And if you want to read more on the subject of why people commit heinous crimes please consider purchasing the book "You Can't Stop Murder" at Amazon or Nook

As always, I remain appreciative of your support making SpotCrime the most popular crime mapping site in the country.


Colin Drane

PS - Interested in more? You can also check out our first literary collaboration "Why Do We Kill?" Baltimore City homicide detective Kelvin Sewell recounts some of his most disturbing cases. It's another rare unfettered look at the life of toughened street cop as they seek justice for victims of unspeakable crimes which you can purchase on Amazon and the Nook


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