Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yarmalenko Case Update

The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence accepts convicted Mark Carver's case for further scrutiny.


Everyone wants justice for UNCC's Ira Yarmalenko. Anyone who has followed the case from the beginning surely must see that Mark Carver's and Neal Cassada's arrest were executed hastily on scant evidence. Carver's conviction was an insane rush to judgment; the loss of his appeal was the criminal result of an appellate court's desire to save face for an inexperienced police force that botched an investigation.

So far two innocent lives have been lost: Ira Yarmalenko's and Neal Cassada's. Let's get to the bottom of Ira's death and set an innocent man free before another life is wasted as Mark Carver languishes behind bars for the rest of his life for a crime that he did not commit.

We call on everyone who follows this blog to talk about Ira Yarmalenko's death and the imprisonment of Mark Carver to everyone and anyone to keep the case alive and the questions active. 

Ira would have wanted it this way.

For another take on her death, click on this link.

Ira Yarmalenko, murdered uncc student, injustice 


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