Friday, January 3, 2014

UNCC Campus Crime Reports 2012

Forcible Sex Offenses    5  On-Campus      4  Residential Facility      

Robbery                           4 On- Campus

Aggravated Assault        2 On- Campus      2  Residential Facility

Burglary                         43 On- Campus     34 Residential Facility

Motor Vehicle Theft       2 On- Campus

Arson                                1 On-Campus

Weapons Violations        9 On-Campus        2 Residential Facility

Drug Violations            79 On-Campus       35 Residential Facility

Alcohol Violations        98 On-Campus       66 Residential Facility

Judicial Referrals

Weapons Violations     4 On-Campus          4   Residential Facility

Drug Violations        126 On-Campus        90   Residential Facility

Alcohol Violations   273  On-Campus      250   Residential Facility

Incidents of Vandalism, Larceny from a Vehicle and Hit-and-Run are not included in the Year-end Report.

 Suicides and attempted Suicides are not counted in the end-of-year report for 2012. 

November and December 2013 Clery Act Reports  have not been published. Why?

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