Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Customers Always Write: No Clery (Campus Crime) Reports

"Thank you for I visit this news blogger. I read only first page. I convince that I apply to different university."--- Anonymous

"Campus crime is on the rise. Has anyone noticed that after the last two campus rapes, the school stopped publishing daily, weekly, and monthly crime reports on the school website? Now you have to REQUEST a copy of the reports." --- Anonymous

Reply: Without easy access to the Clery Reports, it is difficult to determine if campus crime is on the rise. Even if the reports were readily available, who knows if everything is being reported? Anyone remember the problems at UNCCH? 

A good question is "Why has the university discontinued publishing the reports on the UNCC website?" This surely won't help enrollment of out-of-state students and foreign students who are considering attending UNCC. The discontinuation of publication of the Clery Reports on the UNCC website surely gives the impression of evasion on the part of the university.

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