Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Facebook Confessions

#11167 I hooked up with my RA

#11162 I confess that sometimes I'm overconsiderate. Like, sitting next to a stranger in the library like I am now, I'm really careful to open my bag of chips as quietly as possible because I know that can distract people. Then other times I feel like I'm not considerate enough, but I don't realize those times. 

#11158 Sometimes, I wish the guy I really loved was completely straight. It would help me cope with the fact that I will never be his.

#11141 Im an indian dude and i approached a black girl today asking whether shes into caramel and she said no.This was my first approach ever on campus and its discouraging that it was a rejection.

#11180 I'm so happy with my relationship right now. We're just f*** buddies, and I love it. There's no commitment, no strings attached, and no pressure. I don't care that some people would think I'm a slut. I finally have a relationship I'm happy with  


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