Friday, June 20, 2014

MORE UNCC Confessions The Best of the Week

No "uck" with REAL ladies?  Quit Hanging Out with Mannekins!

#11187 "... I have yet to have any uck after about a year of trying ... I'm just too shy with real women and just not attractive to the online ones..."

"#11884 I am sooooo angry. I feel like i cant control this beast inside of me..."

"#11881 Why do girls find it "cute" if they make a meal and automatically think they are "wife status" or "wife in training" and then post about it on Facebook with pictures of said meal.... really? ..." 

"#11867 In the Spring there was a guy who wore a blue shirt a lot and was so sexy but always alone so I don't know if he was crazy so i never approached him..." 

#11863 My motivation for working out is to be more attractive and have a nicer ass than everyone else..." 


"#11861 I have a extremely dark secret that I have told no one ................. i secretly hate my uncc student id photo ..." 

  Real people have real problems. UNCC Students are good people. Some just have messed up thoughts.

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