Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Week's Best of FaceBook Confessions

#12739 As I was walking to class in the evening, a girl flashed me behind Scott Hall. I mostly just want to say thank you. Her friend was there to record it on her phone, so I'd also like to wish her luck in her new sorority and not to let other sorority girls walk all over her. Remember to have self-respect when joining institutions voluntarily.

#12734 Lately I have been drinking these protein milk drinks. My girlfriend thinks it's just me being random but truthfully I'm allergic to these and trying to kill myself. I can't stand my relationship and everything I try to break it off she tries to blackmail me back into it...  WHAT? 

 #12732 Sometimes, I wish I was conventionally pretty instead of smart.

#12717 I've noticed anti-social people in my classes and I always try starting a conversation with them in class. No matter how many of my attempts, they still haven't got out of their mindset. They still sit alone and still not talk to anyone, not even during group work. I hope most of you confessors looking for friends aren't like this.

#12716 Frats guys and sorority girls are clones.

 #12713 My teacher looks like my favorite porn star. I fantasize about my teacher a lot.



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