Saturday, October 18, 2014

More UNCC Facebook Confessions: The Rule for Sex

#12724 " I am so annoyed at some of you who don't know basic driving rules. Like whoever it was today (10/16) that went UP the down ramp in West Deck and almost smashed the front of my car. Did you not see the big arrow pointing down on that ramp? Or the big sign with the red circle with the line through it saying don't turn left? It was at 3:15 when people were leaving campus too! People could've gotten hurt if whoever was going down wasn't thinking they were going to get hit by somebody and were super cautious and decided to go faster. (Good thing I'm a paranoid man)...

" Be careful people. And whoever it was that almost smashed me in the face, you owe me an apology..."

#12723 "Whats the rule for sex around here, im out of town so whats the rule, i met a girl we had sex after 2 days and she wants us to be a thing but she was just too easy. Is it like that in charlotte?..."

  # 12724: I didn't do it!
                          # 12723: The rule for sex? What rule?

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