Friday, October 10, 2014

UNCC Clery Campus Crime Reports for 2013

These are last year's statistics. (See page 51). You have to go to the cop shop if you want current reports. UNCC no longer PUBLISHES daily reports because it fears that knowledge of on-campus crime will deter students from attending UNCC. Here's a breakdown of the most heinous on-campus offenses:

Forcible sex offenses:                6   (Down from 9 in 2012)

Robbery:                                     1

Aggravated assault:                  5

Burglary:                                  32

Motor Vehicle theft:                 8

Arson                                          2

Weapons violations:                  7

Drug violations                      109

Alcohol violations                  503

Reported dating violence         6

Stalking                                      9




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