Friday, July 17, 2015

More Than You Will Ever Want to Know About Parking at UNCC

This is too good. Grounds for an appeal of parking ticket [only2]:

"Appeals should be limited to one of the following arguments:
  • The vehicle was not in violation of University parking regulations at the time of the citation.
  • An extenuating circumstance beyond the operator's control placed the vehicle in violation..."

"..Example of seldom-granted appeals:
         Held up late from an appointment or class..."

   It is beyond my control when an instructor keeps a class beyond class time. (Really). It is also beyond my control when I park at a meter to go to the registrar's office (when I can't find a parking space for which I paid a yearly fee) and it's mobbed and I don't get through the line before the meter expires. The high school dropouts at PATS need to spend more time on the rest of the campus and get a dose of UNCC reality. You probably already know all of this, but check out the website to see everything you can get a ticket for in the UNCC parking areas.  

Maybe the Chancellor should be required to park on campus. (What's his name again? You know. The guy who was going to do something about the rapes at UNCC. Phil Somebody). He has a school-provided house. Why should he get a garage and a driveway too? He should have to compete for parking like everyone else at UNCC. A little dose of reality might do him (and UNCC) some good. That undeserved feeling of entitlement isn't just a Millennial  phenomenon.

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