Wednesday, August 31, 2016

UNCC Student Review Analysis TEN YEARS AGO

And now for something completely the same...

A collection of very interesting comments about UNCC



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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

From UNCC Black Sheep: Brutal Honesty About Life at UNCC


Tayler, you totally nailed it!


Restoring Free Speech on Campus

"...This year, Smith assembled a group of professors to address a hot button topic: free speech on campus. How did we arrive at this era of trigger warnings, microaggressions, and ideological conformity on campus?..."

Answer: Spoiled, whining millenials and professors and administrators who encourage and coddle them.

"The Freshman Experience: Social Justice Indoctrination..."

And Academic Handholding... 

"... During orientation, first-year students are even encouraged to seek self-segregated living arrangements on campus. At UNC-Chapel Hill, Living Learning residence halls are designated for students who want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals..."

  How far have we really come? Nor very far. Academic administrations encourage closed-mindedness. If students don't like something, they b*tch and whine until they get what they want. The millennial generation may very well set academia back by seventy years.

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UNCC Ranks 10th in Reported Rapes

This is according to a newly-released Federal report. 

This is just one problem that UNCC students face.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Are College Presidents Paid Too Much?

"Is there a correlation between presidential pay and university performance?..."

Ask Margie Spellings.

For Geeks Only: The Rise of Coding Academies

$13,900.00 for a twelve-week program.

"Skills without frills..."

University: Where Free Speech Goes to Die

"unKoch My Campus"

  No comment. Your opinion counts.

Friday, August 26, 2016

50% to 60% of College Students Have a Psychiatric Disorder.

"...Some undergraduates at MIT agree..."

Has anyone done a study of professors?

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UNCC University City Crime Statistics for the Week of 8-14-16

Weekly Crimes

UNCC University City Crime 8-14-16 to 8-20-16







Here it is! Another week or two and the 'hood will be back to normal with 50+ crimes per day. Hope everyone had a good relaxing summer.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Blown Away in Northeast Charlotte

Unarmed Driver Killed in Trooper-Involved Shooting.

If a cop put on his lights, pull over, get out your drivers' license and put your hands up or on the steering wheel until he asks you for your registration. Say as little as possible. Move slowly. Any other behavior could get you killed.