Saturday, January 28, 2017

UNCC University City Crime 11-28-16 to 1-27-17

Some of CMPD's reports are here. They may be as accurate as the University's Clery Reports.

  Never walk alone off-campus day or night.

Got UNCC Helicopter Parents?

Here's How Mommy and Daddy Can Become Friends With Your Counselor.

   I have Life Boat Parents. I'm So Underwater in White Privilege college debt that when they come to take me home for the holidays, they pull me aboard with grappling hooks.

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Stigmatized by "White Privilege"? Burned by "Microaggression" ?

Ohio State Teaches a Class About White Privilege and Microaggression. Why doesn't UNCC? Is it because seventy-four percent of the campus population receives financial assistance?

  I feel privileged because the government lent me money to go to a lower-tier university. But a marauding gang of Microaggressors kicked me in the shins while I walked to Colvard. It just isn't fair.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thinking of Attending UNCC Benchmark 1-2017

Sixty-two Thousand (62,000) Page Views in 4.5 years  

(Stat Counter Indicates More !)

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Jay Jones Passed Away

Due to the unexpected death of an important member of our group, we have not posted for awhile. 

We will try to keep everyone informed of UNCC University City crime statistics and to post links to articles that we will be of interest to students at UNCC.



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